"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

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Stanislav Gribachev

Software Engineer

Stanislav Gribachev
My story.

I want to tell a short story about me.

Hmm.. Actually I've started my IT experience since I was ten. It was all about games. My computer (i486) was to old and couldn't run new games. And at the back of the main block I saw a jumper 110/220. And it was set to 220, I knew that my wall socket is also 220 Volts, so I tried to switch it to 110 to get performance boost. :D I've turned on the PC and saw a flash from the back. Right after that I received a feeling that something went wrong :-)

Few years later my father bought PC again. This PC had the same jumper, but I knew already that it is a really bad idea to play with it's voltage configuration.

At school I've learned Turbo Pascal and I was inspired by programming. I've made step into web and linux that time. Many nights were spent for compiling linux kernels to get my DVB card working. DVB card was used to get 4 Mbit/s from Satellite. It was the fastest internet connection in my town. Only ISPs had that speed.

In 2005 I was enrolled in the branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Sevastopol. After it I wanted to make some challenge for myself and decided to learn new language and move to Europe to extend my knowledge.
So I'm in Germany and studying informatics in Technische Hochschule Köln.
Worked already 1.5 years for Siemens PLM Software.

Right now I'm working as a freelancer.



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